Advocacy Initiatives

Hep Be Aware

B Aware is an advocacy campaign that aims to raise awareness about Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B has been called the silent epidemic. It affects 1 in 7 adult Filipinos and is 50-100 times more infectious than HIV. Hepatitis B remains to be a serious but overlooked public health concern. It is the leading cause of Liver Cancer and Cirrhosis in the Philippines. A vaccine is available that is highly effective in preventing infection.


In the Philippines, Hepatitis B positive individuals often have no symptoms until they get complications of liver disease. Moreover, many suffer from stigma and encounter discrimination in many aspects of daily life, including education and employment. Stigma and discrimination have prevented many from getting tested and those diagnosed with Hepatitis B from coming forward. Stigma and discrimination are perpetuated by a lack of knowledge by the general community about Hepatitis B. Lack of knowledge promotes transmission and delays treatment. Advocacy and awareness raising are keys to ending the vicious cycle of misinformation, transmission, disease, and stigma and discrimination.

The B Aware Campaign is built by the Hepatology Society of the Philippines (HSP) in line with its vision to be the lead national organization in advocacy and formulation of national health policies in liver health and disease. Aligned with the Framework for Global Action of the Global Hepatitis Program of the World Health Organisation, the B Aware campaign aims to bring knowledge about Hepatitis B - its risk factors, health consequences, treatment, and prevention - to the general community through the internet, social media, print, and broadcast media. By arming the public with the correct information, we hope to make all Filipinos Hepatitis B-Aware, and rally them to B Tested, B Vaccinated, B Treated.