About Us


The Hepatology Society of the Philippines is the only liver society recognized by the PMA, PCP, PSG and PSDE. HSP provides research, education and advocacy on liver health and liver related diseases.
The Hepatology Society of the Philippines started as the Council on Liver Diseases under the Philippine Society of Gastroenterology (PSG), its main task was to address various concerns related to the management of liver diseases and liver-related research in the Philippines.

As the council journeyed through the years, the number of liver-related diseases began its plight among Filipinos. Around the globe, researches and training flourished to discover new breakthroughs that would assist/help individuals suffering from these diseases. Other allied health professionals in the meantime took part in delivering clinical care among the expanding patient population. This opened the doors to a wider coverage involving other health disciplines “working together” to find a treatment.

It was in 2005, when the Council on Liver Diseases presented to the Council of Past Presidents of the PSG the idea of forming a society that would include other disciplines involved in addressing liver-related diseases. Their positive support led to the unveiling of a new society- the Hepatology Society of the Philippines.