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3rd H&L Health Exemplar Awards: A Tribute to Filipino Health Champions!
Special Citation Award to the Hepatology Society of the Philippines

Thank you very much to the Distinguished Board of Judges and Medical Advisory Board/ Editorial Staff of Health& Lifestyle Magazine headed by Editor-in-Chief Dr. Rafael Castillo.

These past ten years saw the unfolding of Hepatology Society of the Philippines as a strong national medical organization which has earned both prominence and relevance as we become true and committed to the study of liver health and diseases along with our advocacies.

For the years and beyond, we envision HSP to be an ever solid and eminent organization. We are ever thankful to the God Almighty for more feats, and we are ever steadfast in making contributions to the medical community, especially to the millions of Filipino patients who we help fight the battle against liver diseases. We also reckon with pride our significant contributions to the millions of healthy Filipinos whom we would like to be protected from dreaded liver illnesses through our advocacies and awareness campaign.